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BJ’s prides itself in the quality education it offers its students.

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    More information coming soon.

    What is Defensive Driving?

    SADDDefensive Driving is an attitude, a responsible way of thinking and reacting on the road. It is a frame of mind in which we ensure that we drive with the highest degree of skill, safety and consideration for other road users. By exercising these skills we are able to maintain a space and time zone around the vehicle to avoid dangerous situations.

    On average one person is killed every 28 minutes on our roads. Our younger generation is in high numbers of road accidents resulting in death, but we can all benefit from any driving course and reap the benefits that come with our course.

    For many years, advanced driving courses have been available to us, but due to the increase in traffic on our roads, we realized some of these techniques were becoming outdated. This caused us to look into driving techniques globally.

    There are certain methods of handling each traffic situation. Would you know how to react to avoid or escape a situation should it occur? ¾ of a second is the amount of time you have to make a decision and the wrong decision could be extremely costly or fatal.

    A program has been created for our busy South Africa roads which will improve driving awareness and help save lives; it is one of the best courses created for driver training.

    ShayelaSAIAOur selected team of Shayela approved instructors has been involved in the driving training industry for many years and is certified as testing officers in our field. We are committed to Defensive driving standards on our roads. Most people are unaware of how to deal with a dangerous situation that can occur in everyday driving; we offer one of the best courses available for defensive driver training. Our Shayela defensive driving program is recognized by SAIA (South African Insurance Association), as well as the Department of transport, the Department of labour and Arrive Alive.