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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need?

In order to start your driving lessons, you require a valid learners licence for the code of vehicle you wish to drive. EG; Car code 08 B. You can obtain your learners at 17 for this code and it is valid for 2 years from the date of issue. If you do not have your learners licence you can download the study material from the following link, if the link does not open you can copy and paste in on your browser; The booking for the learners licence test can be made at your local traffic department as with the booking for the driving test. (Some traffic departments may ask for proof of residence) Needed for booking learners licence test; I.D and copy 2 x I.D size photos R 108.00 for booking      (Cost at August 2016) R 60.00 for issue of your learners licence on the day of your test. You will be given a receipt with a list of documents & costs to take with you on the day of your test. If you hold a learner’s licence you are allowed to drive only when you are supervised by a licensed driver. You can only do the driving test at 18. Needed for booking driving test; I.D and copy Learners licence and copy R 228.00 for booking 1 x I.D size photo R 228.00 for issue of licence        (Cost at August 2016) You will be given a receipt with a list of documents & costs to take with you on the day of your test. NOTE: I.D. photos are also required for issue of both learners and driving licence.

What information can you give me?

By law every driving instructor has to sit a test annually and is issued with a certificate which he/she must carry at all times whilst teaching.
  • Qualified driving instructors (ask the instructor for proof)
  • The vehicles are dual controlled.
  • The vehicles are clearly marked.
  • Driving school vehicles are fully insured.
  • The instructor will take all the details of your learners and get you to sign for each lesson.
  • The cost of lessons.
  • The cost of the car for the test.
  • They will inform you how to book lessons and how many you may require.

Where is the best place to book your test?

Where ever you book the instructor will prepare you for, depending where you stay is normally where he/she might suggest that you do your test.
  • How many lessons do I need?
  • Every student is different; by the second lesson your instructor should be able to advise you.
  • Remember, with the number of Illegal drivers out there, you have to be prepared to deal with each situation that arises, we do believe that you really start to learn to drive when you have passed but we will prepare you to the best of our ability.

Do you do package deals?

We prefer to stay away from package deals. In many cases you are restricted to a time limit to use your lessons, should you move or not get along with your instructor, you would find it almost impossible to be refunded. We have taught many students who have taken package deals as it works out cheaper but unfortunately many but not all of these driving schools take your money and disappear or keep cancelling your lessons so your time runs out to use them. We prefer lesson by lesson. We currently have 3 full time instructors so if you should feel one may be too strict or too soft you can call the office and request another instructor. We do however offer discount on a longer duration of lesson.

Do you pick up and drop off?

Yes, we do local areas, Edenvale and surrounding areas, should we have to travel out of the area to Kensington for example we charge at a slightly higher price. We find most people that live out our area meet us at designated places and get picked up again.